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Fitness & Your Feet

A semi-active person walks 5,000+ steps per day. With each step the foot carries 4-5 times body weight. The foot adapts to the individual baseline activity level. So a sedentary person is prone to repetitive foot injuries when there is a sudden change in activity level. For a normal foot it is recommended to increase activity 10% per week. For someone with foot & ankle problems a slower transition maybe required. The reason for this is it takes time for the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles to adjust to this heightened activity.

Tips to Safely Increase Activity and Fitness

  • If possible…take stairs when you can.
  • If you start to get foot pain consider:
    • Favoring supportive shoes.
    • Rotating different types of shoes.
    • Incorporating low impact activities.
  • Including rest days for recovery.
  • Some smart phones can be set up to record steps walked in a day.

Pains that migrate and move around are generally not a serious as pains that are always in the same location. Its important to “listen” to your feet, if there is pain and swelling that carries forward to the next day, you may be at risk for further injury.

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