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Ankle Replacement Surgery for Kirkland, WA

If you have end-stage ankle arthritis, you don’t always have to have your ankle fused. Instead, you can opt for ankle replacement surgery at Ankle & Foot Clinic of Everett and continue to enjoy full range of motion in your foot.

We are located in Everett, WA, but serve all the surrounding communities, including Kirkland, WA.

Ankle Fusion vs. Ankle Surgery

If you suffer from arthritis due to an old ankle injury or a lifetime of wear and tear, walking can become impossible without treatment of the affected joint. The fusion of ankle bones was once the only reliable option, but fusion reduces the motion of the foot and can create arthritis in other foot joints over time due to the increased stress.

With the dramatic improvement of prostheses and surgical procedures, however, total ankle replacement surgery is now a viable option for many patients. With an ankle replacement, you’ll still have enough ankle motion for normal gait. You’ll be able to enjoy a more mobile and active lifestyle.

Reliable Surgical Services and Clinical Outcomes

At the Ankle & Foot Clinic of Everett, we specialize in ankle replacement surgery. We have the high-quality prostheses, such as Apex 3D, and the surgical experience you need to ensure that your ankle will serve you well for years to come.

If you live in Kirkland, WA, or the surrounding areas, call us today at (425) 339-8888.

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